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Jul. 31, 2011

BLC11 Big Take-Away? Problem-finding is the Next Big Thing

One of the threads to emerge out of a number of terrific presentations at November Learning’s  Building Learning Communities 2011  conference in Boston was the idea that we are shifting to a new pedagogy.

We might describe the old model of teaching–let’s call it “education 1.0”–as a problem-solving pedagogy. In it, students are asked to solve hundreds of trivial problems in textbooks and worksheets. Page-tall columns of algebra equations come to mind immediately, but we find equally dull work in other subjects, too: book reports in language arts classes, listing provinces and their capitals in Social Studies classes, for example. I […]

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Jul. 22, 2011

Rethinking Science Education – An Interview with Bob Goodman

In this conversation, Alan November and Bob Goodman, Director of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, discuss the inspiring work he is leading in the redesign of science curriculum. Through a logical reorganization of content, a rethinking of what good homework looks like and a robust teacher development program that has been initiated, students are graduating high school with an understanding of science at a depth that is truly remarkable.

The curriculum being used in this endeavor is free and open to use by anyone. It can be found at

Also, Bob will be a presenter […]

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Jul. 19, 2011

Fostering Change Through Leadership – An Interview with Dr. Eric Williams

In this episode of the November Learning Podcast Series, Alan speaks with Dr. Eric Williams, Superintendent of the Yorktown School Division in Yorktown, VA. The two discuss the important role of a leader in setting policy, modeling the learning process and encouraging expanded learning opportunities for students, teachers and school administrators for the purpose of building a solid foundation for learning in a 21st century school environment.

Dr. Williams encourages your questions and comments through his Twitter account and his blog.

Also, Dr. Wiliams will be a presenter at the 2011 Building Learning Communities Conference being held this July in Boston. For more information, […]

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Jul. 18, 2011

Digital writing teachers explore

In late June, YWP paired with some teachers from the Green Mountains Writing Project (the VT chapter of the National Writing Project) to lead an intensive week-long course on Digital Writing to a dozen teachers. It was exhausting, fascinating and — the good news — we were able to try out a couple of things we plan to do with participants of my pre-conference workshop next Monday afternoon at the BLC2011.

What was most startling to me was the degree to which teachers demanded — and got — extra time to go deeper into their interactive projects. We focused all […]

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Jul. 18, 2011

Creating Sustainable Change – An Interview with Jennifer Beine and Andrew Zuckerman

Welcome back for another episode of the November Learning Podcast Series. In this episode, Alan November, Jennifer Beine and Andrew Zuckerman discuss the long-term collaboration taking place between November Learning and Lawrence Middle School as the two build capacity leading to sustainable change amongst the school’s administration, faculty and students.

Jennifer and Andrew will be presenting a session at this summer’s Building Learning Communities Conference titled Creating Sustainable Change. This session will dig deeper into the ideas discussed in this podcast. To learn more about this session and about BLC, visit

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Jul. 11, 2011

Extra Extra!! School Administration Removes Over 20,000 Books from School Library but Hires Extra Librarian? – An Interview with Dr. James Tracy

In this episode, Alan November speaks with Dr. James Tracy, Headmaster at Cushing Academy. The two discuss the decision that was made at Cushing Academy to rid the library of thousands of books in favor of creating a space that serves students through electronic resources in addition to authentic, enhanced and individualized interactions amongst librarians, teachers and students.

How do you make your school library the MOST POPULAR place in the school? Can you image the day when the majority of your school’s content is on e-readers? How would the flow of traffic in your library change if teacher […]

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