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Jan. 29, 2009

Tutorial – Using Overlays with Google Maps

We recently received an email request from Fran Stromsland of Watchung Hills Regional HS in NJ requesting information about a particular Google Maps overlay. This overlay demonstrates the effect of sea level rise anywhere in the world.

The tutorial below explains how to get a Google Maps account, find the Google Map overlays and add one of these overlays to your own map.

To view this video, I highly recommend that you click on the full screen icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video window. You will see it when the video plays and you hover your mouse over […]

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Jan. 28, 2009

Maybe I’m the Slow Kid

On the CAST web site they introduce Differentiated Instruction by stating:

Not all students are alike. Based on this knowledge, differentiated instruction applies an approach to teaching and learning so that students have multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas.

Teachers some times think they are being asked to “water” down the curriculum and that differentiated instruction is for the special education or slower students in the class. It is really for everyone. The recent cold weather brought me to a great example of differentiated instruction on a personal level. When I want to know the weather […]

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Jan. 15, 2009

Just How Are We Matching Funds on Kiva?

Over the holiday break, we introduced a team that November Learning created on Kiva and invited all of you to take part in an effort to assist the working poor of the world and also expand the boundaries of learning in your classrooms. In our letter, we mentioned that November Learning would be matching the first $1000 in loans sent out through our team.

We are not there yet, but we are beginning  the process of matching those loans. We are tallying up the amounts that each individual has loaned so far, and we are sending each a Kiva gift certificate matching that amount that can be used […]

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