Location for Hatch Shell Concert at BLC09 has Changed

Location for Hatch Shell Concert at BLC09 has Changed

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Do to a possibility of rain this evening, the location of tonight’s concert has changed. The location will be at Jordan Hall.

Go out the main hotel door on St. James Ave. Walk one block and take a right on Berkley St. Cross the street to get to the Arlington T-stop. Take the Heath St. train to the Symphony T-stop (3 stops). Come out of the station and turn right. Walk one block (Burger King will be on your right) and turn left onto Gainsborough St. Jordan Hall is right there. Currently, construction is taking place on the Hall, so look for the building covered in black mesh.

The train costs $2.00 for a one way trip.

BLC09 Build-A-Session and Job-Alike Meetings

BLC09 Build-A-Session and Job-Alike Meetings

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This year, we are working to give you more opportunities to make your time with us at BLC09 as helpful as possible. One way we are doing this is through our new Build-A-Session and Job-Alike opportunities. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we are opening up time for you, our participants, to organize meetings around common questions and jobs (principals, superintendents, etc.). We will be providing rooms where these sessions can take place. You provide the topics. The sessions can be one where you present or can be setup so that others with the same interest can organize around a set of discussion questions.

If you would like to lead a session or facilitate a discussion, please click the following link and fill out the provided form. We will take the information you provide and schedule your session in a room. Once we have several sessions in place, we will publish the locations of these sessions within the BLC09 group on NL Connect, and we will post them at BLC. If you are not a part of the BLC09 group on NL Connect, please join us now.

We hope that you find these sessions to be a beneficial part of your experience.

Click here to go to the form.

NL July News Update

NL July News Update

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Here we are, merely weeks away from our 10 year anniversary of BLC. We have just completed putting together our conference program, we are finalizing details for all of our events and we are ready to welcome all of our national and international friends. This year, we will host representatives from Australia, Bahrain, China, Croatia, El Salvador, France, Gambia, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Minor Outlying Islands and from across the US and Canada. We encourage you to take advantage of the talent and connections that will surround you.

In preparation for BLC and for those who are waiting to register, we have an important deadline approaching that we will remind you of below. In this month’s newsletter, we will discuss:

  • the release of our BLC09 conference program
  • BLC09 goes mobile
  • the deadline for BLC09 discounted hotel rates
  • BLC09 daily rates
  • two interesting search tools

LC09 Conference Program has been Released
Our BLC09 conference program has been released and is available from our conference page. As always, the program highlights need to know information, conference schedule, special events and of course all session descriptions.

In recent weeks, we have made several program additions that we are particularly excited about. A few of these additions include:

David Kirkpatrick, current Chairman and Executive Managing Officer of Plymouth Rock Studios and former President of Paramount Pictures, will be delivering a special keynote on Thursday afternoon entitled The Future of Story in a Snack Culture World.

Learn more about David.

Jeff Utecht, Elementary Technology and Learning Coordinator for the International School, Bangkok, Thailand and author of the blog The Thinking Stick will be delivering sessions entitled Beyond E-mail: Communication with your Web Community and Moving from Consumers to Producers of Knowledge: What the Web is Really About.

Learn more about Jeff.

Carrie Kotcho, Education Technologist, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Washington, DC. Carrie will be delivering sessions entitled Snapshots in Time and OurStory: American History Stories and Activities You Can Do Together.

Learn more about Carrie

To learn more about these presenters and more, we invite you to preview our BLC09 program.

Click here to view the entire program.

BLC09 Goes Mobile

Along with the release of our conference program, we are also excited to share the iPhone friendly version as well. This mobile BLC09 program gives you all of the same information as our regular format program, but in an easy pocket-sized format.

While the mobile version was designed with the iPhone in mind, it is a Web page, so it should be readable on other Web enabled phones as well (we have gotten a report that the site looks great on a Blackberry). Hopefully G1 users, Palm Pre users and others will enjoy the same experience.

To access the program, visit http://www.novemberlearning.com/blc09mobile on your phone. When you get there, if you have an iPhone, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select Add to Home Screen. From then on, the program will be only a click away. We hope you enjoy this tool.

Deadline on BLC09 Hotel Rates

Last reminder. If you have not yet reserved your room for BLC09, please do so before July 8th. After that date, room pricing will increase significantly. Information about the hotel and a link to the hotel registration site can be found on our Web site.

Click here to view hotel information and to register.

Announcing BLC09 Daily Rates

We have recently been asked about the possibility of offering daily rates for individuals who might only be able to make one or two days of the conference. Our answer, “of course.” If you choose to use this option, simply visit our regular registration page. You will find an area where you can select one or two days. Each day will cost $250.

Of course, we would love to have you all three days as well.

Click here to register.

Two Interesting Search Tools to Explore

We have recently been introduced to two interesting search tools. We encourage you to give them a try.

Twoogle was originally a search tool that allowed users to search Twitter and Google simultaneously. Now, it allows users to search Google, Twitter and more from one location. You can often find some interesting connections within the results.

Click here to try Twoogle.

Yolink is a Firefox add on that allows a user to get a peek into the links of a given site based on a keyword. You can use this tool in a variety of ways. For example, after installing this tool, run a normal Google search for “climate change.” When you get your results, click the search links button in the yolink toolbar to get a preview of the results. Or, visit novemberlearning.com and then once the page is displayed, type books into the yolink search bar. Yolink will scour the site in search of mentions of our books. Yolink has other options as well. Take a look.

Click here to download the Yolink add on for Firefox.

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