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Jul. 29, 2009

Location for Hatch Shell Concert at BLC09 has Changed

Do to a possibility of rain this evening, the location of tonight’s concert has changed. The location will be at Jordan Hall.

Go out the main hotel door on St. James Ave. Walk one block and take a right on Berkley St. Cross the street to get to the Arlington T-stop. Take the Heath St. train to the Symphony T-stop (3 stops). Come out of the station and turn right. Walk one block (Burger King will be on your right) and turn left onto Gainsborough St. Jordan Hall is right there. Currently, construction is taking place on the Hall, so […]

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Jul. 13, 2009

BLC09 Build-A-Session and Job-Alike Meetings

This year, we are working to give you more opportunities to make your time with us at BLC09 as helpful as possible. One way we are doing this is through our new Build-A-Session and Job-Alike opportunities. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we are opening up time for you, our participants, to organize meetings around common questions and jobs (principals, superintendents, etc.). We will be providing rooms where these sessions can take place. You provide the topics. The sessions can be one where you present or can be setup so that others with the same interest can organize around a set […]

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Jul. 7, 2009

NL July News Update

Here we are, merely weeks away from our 10 year anniversary of BLC. We have just completed putting together our conference program, we are finalizing details for all of our events and we are ready to welcome all of our national and international friends. This year, we will host representatives from Australia, Bahrain, China, Croatia, El Salvador, France, Gambia, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Minor Outlying Islands and from across the US and Canada. We encourage you to take advantage of the talent and connections that will surround you.

In preparation for […]

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