Extra Extra!! School Administration Removes Over 20,000 Books from School Library but Hires Extra Librarian? – An Interview with Dr. James Tracy

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In this episode, Alan November speaks with Dr. James Tracy, Headmaster at Cushing Academy. The two discuss the decision that was made at Cushing Academy to rid the library of thousands of books in favor of creating a space that serves students through electronic resources in addition to authentic, enhanced and individualized interactions amongst librarians, teachers and students.

How do you make your school library the MOST POPULAR place in the school?
Can you image the day when the majority of your school’s content is on e-readers?
How would the flow of traffic in your library change if teacher mailboxes and good food were placed there?

Dr. Tracy also provided us the following resources to share with our audience.

Dr. Tracy will be a presenter at the 2011 Building Learning Communities conference being held the week of July 24th, in Boston. For more information about BLC, and to register, visit our conference Web site at http://www.BLCConference.com.



  1. Wonderful idea. Wish we could do the same at our school.

  2. Perhaps I am showing my age, but I think it unwise ro rid the library of its books.

  3. I think there should be a combination of Kindles and paper books; however, I fully understand that Kindles take up much less space. This allows the space to be used for study groups, classes, projects and other purposes.

  4. Great ideas. We are in the process of reinventing our libaries to include ebooks. Like the ideas around collaboration and making the library a very social place.

  5. Its wonderful to have choices, including ebooks with hand held books.


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