Alan Featured in Innovation in Education Webcast

Alan Featured in Innovation in Education Webcast

Promethean in partnership with Cisco, is currently developing a new webcast series entitled Innovation in Education. This series will feature candid interviews with some of the top thought leaders in K-12 education.

To kick off the series, Alan November sits down with Sonny Magana to discuss student-centered learning, dynamic learning communities and 21st century learning environments.

The discussion will be divided into three parts (only the first has been released thus far) that include:

Part 1: Empowering Students with Technology: Emerging Trends and Tools
In part one of this series, Alan explores new and emerging trends in technology integration and discusses the kinds of information and social tools that support student-centered learning.

Part 2: Reinventing Schools
In the second episode of this series, Alan November will discuss the need to transform today’s classrooms from institutions of passive information absorption to dynamic learning communities where students not only take ownership of their own learning, but contribute to the learning of others.

Part 3: A New Literacy
In the final installment of this series, Alan November will share key ideas from his recently published book, Web Literacy for Educators and provide guideposts for educators on their journey towards 21st century learning communities.

To listen to the first installment now, visit the Innovation in Education site.

Learn. Share. Grow. – Introducing NL Connect

Learn. Share. Grow. – Introducing NL Connect

Upon the recent launch of our new Web site, we announced that a new, integrated online community wouldn’t be far behind. The community is now live, and we would be thrilled to have you join educators from around the world within this collaborative learning environment.

You can visit and join this community from any page on our Web site or directly at

Through this professional learning network, you will have the opportunity to share useful resources and reflect on your teaching and learning experiences through the use of a personal blog. Additionally, through our forum you can share ideas, ask questions, find project partners and learn what tools other educators find valuable.

It will take some time for this community to develop. Don’t let that discourage you regarding the usefulness of this network. As members of the November Learning team present workshops across the country and around the world, we will be regularly introducing teachers to this network. This means that there will be a constant stream of new users and ideas. Please do the same within your schools. Everyone has something to contribute.

Should you have any questions about how to navigate this new site, post a message in the forum, or let us know. We have many experts, already a part of this community, who are there to lend a hand.


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