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Last spring, at the end of a full day of keynotes and presentations at BLC 11, @ewanmcintosh @dkuropatwa, a few others and I hit Beantown for refreshments and a kick at the day’s notes. The idea of problem-finding, of asking question to which no one knows the answers, emerged as a new model for pedagogy. Ewan took the idea to TEDxLondon.

Here it is again–six months later–on ISTE’s site: Teach your students to fail better.

BLC hits a sweet spot that I think puts it at the forefront of education: it’s big enough to draw a lot of bright minds yet small enough to allow serious conversation between keynotes and session. 


BLC11 Keynote: Rob Evans

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Today, we are launching our second BLC11 keynote video with Rob Evans, clinical and organizational psychologist and the Executive Director of the Human Relations Service in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

As you watch the keynote, we encourage you to reflect on and respond to the following questions.

  • Rob Evans shared that for transformation to take place, there must be a balance of enough anxiety to stimulate change without having so much that people shut down. What are your ideas on how to acheive this balance?
  • What do you do in your school to manage the overwhelming changes in technology?

Webinar with Alan November and Dr. Eric Mazur

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This is a very special episode of our podcast series. It’s an archived recording of our first of what we hope will be many live webinars complete with audience Q&A at the end.

In this conversation, Alan talks again to Dr. Eric Mazur, Area Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University and 2011 Building Learning Communities Conference keynote speaker. Alan and Dr. Mazur revisit his work on flipped learning along with peer instruction that is guided by the questions and misconceptions students bring to class each day. This process, being done using his Learning Catalytics software, is allowing him to visualize student learning in new and exciting ways.

Dr. Mazur will be back for the 2013 Building Learning Communities Conference to work with participants in a pre-conference session. For more information, visit



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