Alan’s Book on Educational Technology

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Alan November’s thought-provoking book on educational technology provides ample inspiration and extensive practical tips supported by engaging stories for transforming education. Readers will appreciate his well-organized, easy-to-follow approach, and will be moved to apply his principles to their own classrooms and schools straight away. Educators at every level and ability will find meaning in November’s spot-on observations and recommendations for motiving learners with effective use of technology. Browse and buy today!

Who Owns the Learning?

Who should be working harder during class? The teacher or the students? In the “Age of the Empowered Learner” we can equip our students to take responsibility to manage a large proportion of their learning. We can also empower our students to create content that contributes to the learning of their peers. Research indicates that one of the most powerful strategies to improve learning is to provide students with self assessment strategies. This workshop will provide step-by-step strategies that creates a culture of the empowered self directed and collaborative learner.


  • Ideas and techniques to help students own and direct their learning.
  • Examples to illustrate how technology is revolutionizing learning.
  • Includes a “Questions for Discussion” section at the end of each chapter.

“Fantastic! Captivating from the start, this book will change the way one thinks about the process of learning. The many examples help provide explicit guidance on how to move from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered approach.”

-Eric Mazur

Area Dean of Applied Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


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