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Reaching today’s Common Core State Standards requires complete understanding of these challenging requirements and classroom implementation of rigorous assignments to meet these objective. Our Common Core State Standards services help teachers and administrators define their goals, focus their teaching, and then find the appropriate technology to enhance learning.

Through our focused professional development service, November Learning experts guide curriculum design that draws on students’ abilities to think critically, communicate globally, express creativity and collaborate across several types of media—aligning classroom learning experiences with Common Core State Standards.

Tier 1 – So What Does Implementing the Common Core State Standards Look Like?

Suitable as an overview 1 hour keynote to 1/2 day event with any size group

The developers of the Common Core State Standards tell us that the standards, “…are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business. They are a call to take the next step.”

We agree and believe that the work we have been doing for years in the areas of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and media literacy directly support the goals of the Common Core State Standards. During this event, educators will learn how to help students develop their capacity to question, discover, connect, collaborate and contribute on a global scale.

Points for discussion will include:

  • How to implement Web literacy techniques to gain alternative perspective
  • How to navigate social tools to connect students with peers and experts around the world
  • How to guide students in building global research teams to look critically at global events and ideas
  • How to organize, develop and share research with a global audience

Our belief is that the Common Core State Standards will allow educators to be more creative than ever!

Tier 2 – How Do We Build Students’ Abilities to Meet the Demands of the Common Core State Standards?

Suitable for 1 to 2 day event with a group of 25-30 participants

To have students be successful in meeting the demands of the Common Core State Standards, educators need to understand the underlying themes that are woven throughout. This event gives them the opportunity to do just that.

Teachers will work in collaborative groups as they delve deeply into the standards looking for recurring themes and asking the questions:

  • What does this mean, and how does this look in my room, discipline and practice?
  • What do my students already know?
  • What will my students need to know?

Armed with answers to these questions, they will co-create activities that support their chosen themes. The goal at the end of this event is for teachers to understand that this is a cross-curricular effort that does not fall on the shoulders of one individual. Additionally, it gives them the opportunity to understand themes and develop activities that they can immediately begin implementing in their classes.

Day 3 option

Participants will take part in an exchange of activities with opportunities for peer feedback and group identification of elements with grade-level or content cohesion.

Learn more about how our work connects with the demands of the Common Core State Standards.


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