Innovation Planning Partnership

The November Learning Innovation Planning Partnership (IPP) is a thorough review of your school or district carried out by a dedicated team of former classroom teachers with the expertise to recognize, analyze and capitalize on both areas of success and opportunities for improvement. To pinpoint these places, our team will get to know the stakeholders in your organization through a variety of interactions, detailed below. At the end of the assessment, the team will provide an in-depth written review that includes precise suggestions for maximizing technology throughout your school(s).

IPP Focus

Broad in scope but direct in purpose, the recommendations made at the conclusion of each IPP provide specific strategies for developing strong schools and lifelong learners. To this end, the IPP aims to help schools and districts achieve the following:

  • Articulate a vision or mission
  • Build capacity for sustainable leadership
  • Strengthen professional communities
  • Motivate students to own their learning
  • Encourage global thinking
  • Align technology use with curriculum

Getting To Know You

We begin the IPP process on a conference call with key stakeholders to set goals, clarify essential areas for review, and determine both the current and planned technology investment of your school(s). Arrangements for an on-site visit will also be made.


School leaders will be provided with a link to a Web-based survey for completion by all teaching staff. The responses to this survey will afford the review team with a broader understanding of teaching and learning within your school(s).

IPP Essential Areas

We will focus on several areas of your school(s) during the IPP process. Each area comes with its own set of criteria, level of measurement and set of recommendations. They include:

  • Leadership
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Community
  • Infrastructure

Breakdown of each area [PDF].

On-Site Visit

A November Learning on-site visit is highly organized, from planning to execution, and provides invaluable insight about what is taking place at your school(s). During their stay, members of the NL team will:

  • Meet with the administrative team
  • Meet with key leaders, teachers, students and parents
  • Observe a wide variety of elementary and secondary classrooms in major subject areas
  • Assess technology infrastructure
  • Meet with key committees

The Report

After vital information has been gathered on-site and via survey, the NL team will collate the materials and present a draft of its final report based upon observations, data and interviews. The draft will include a review of the essential areas, as well as a set of suggestions.

The initial draft of recommendations will outline the ideal scenario for your school(s). In a series of follow-up conversations with key leaders, the draft will be adjusted to fit within the capabilities of your school(s).

IPP Testimonial

“You would not believe how far we have come in two years! November Learning was the impetus that got us where we are today. Through a combination of the learning audit, individualized meetings, group motivation, and professional development sessions that your company performed, we have seen a true turnaround in our district’s authentic use of technology. In the past, technology was a “thing” used by our teachers. It is now becoming ubiquitous; we are using technology to change our instruction, doing things that are not possible without it. I am so glad your company was recommended to us. Our partnership had truly revolutionized the instruction in Madison City Schools.”

Camille H. Wright, Ed.D., Director of Secondary Education, Madison City Schools, Ala.


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