Jul. 11, 2010

Let the Learning Begin

Getting ready to travel to Boston is always exciting, but tonight it is especially so because tomorrow is the first day of BLC10 – the pre-conference. If you haven’t been before, but are joining us this year, get ready for the learning experience of a lifetime. Alan November has a knack for collecting energetic, innovative, inspirational advocates for education. This will make the eleventh year that they have converged together for one week during the summer months to push, stretch, and invigorate the path of educators from all over the world. All levels and disciplines are represented; superintendents, university professors, principals, and technology coordinators learn elbow to elbow alongside classroom teachers. The challenge to improve our methods for the sake of students is palpable. The discussions are rich and passionate.

The presenters from last year left a lasting impression on me and I have been able to continue sharing the learning on their blogs. Check out some of these before you arrive to taste the variety:

Darren Kuropatwa – A Difference
Lee Kolbert – A Geeky Momma’s Blog
David Jakes – JakesOnline!
Angela Maiers – Angela Maiers Educational Services Putting Learners and Learning First
Lisa Thumann – Thumann Resources
Liz Davis – The Power of Educational Technology
Sara Kajder – Real Reasons to Write (Sara started this blog after presenting her first session at BLC08 – powerful!)

Jeff Utecht – The Thinking Stick After following Jeff’s blog for years I was finally able to both hear him in person and meet him at #BLC09

Lorraine and Jeff Utecht

The list is endless really as so many participants also blog and share.

Get ready to make connections that will move your career path to a deeper level. If you need help along the way, look for the smiling faces in blue November Learning shirts. I look forward to meeting you.

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  • Lorraine,
    I look forward to reading the postings here. I only wish I was there. All teachers need time to “push, stretch, and invigorate,” but there never is enough time, especially during the year. I’ll try to do that vicariously.

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