Jun. 2, 2011

IdeaJam Videos Posted – Moderated by Alan November

We recently announced that Alan November would be moderating an interactive, global event on May 2nd, 2011. IdeaJam, sponsored by Intel and Google/YouTube and produced by Katalyst, asked participants to problem-solve and create new ideas for classroom design that integrate technology and help boost creativity.

The opening discussion of this event was presented before an audience and was also broadcast on the Web so that educators from around the world could take part in the dialogue. The recordings of this live broadcast our now on the Web and available to all.

IdeaJam: Education Live Stream – Alan November’s Introduction
IdeaJam: Education Live Stream – Q&A Part 1
IdeaJam: Education Live Stream – Eric Marcos’ Class
IdeaJam: Education Live Stream – Skype Sessions
IdeaJam: Education Live Stream – Q&A Part 2

Within these videos are discussions with several educators from across the country who are helping their students to engage and excel through the use of critical thinking skills and tools available to them on the Web. Some of these educators, including Eric Marcos, Garth Holman, Michael Pennington, Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, will also be presenters at BLC11, this July in Boston. We encourage you to watch the videos, then come out and meet these fantastic educators. Register now!

After viewing the videos above, you might also be interested in these additional resources.

Alan November’s Article – The Digital Learning Farm
Talking Student Tutorials (Part 1): A Podcast with Eric Marcos
Talking Student Tutorials (Part 2): A Podcast with Eric Marcos
Building Legacy Within a Textbook: A Podcast with Garth Holman and Michael Pennington
Flipped Model of Learning: A Podcast with Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams

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