Our Principles for Empowering Education

With over a century of combined experience, our team has embraced several principles for empowering education. Before you attend a Building Learning Communities conference, utilize a professional development service or delve into our resources, you might want to know where we stand – and why we work so hard for students and educators. We believe that:

  • Teachers and administrators everywhere desire change in their schools. November Learning can help.
  • Together we can strengthen leadership and transform processes in order to revolutionize teaching and learning across the curriculum
  • Our annual BLC conference, powerful professional development services and extensive teaching resources enable teachers to meet challenging goals, including Common Core State Standards.
  • We can assist teachers in implementing rigorous assignments supported by technology and, in turn, motivate students to own their learning.
  • Students want to understand the world around them. By encouraging global connections and presenting alternative perspectives, educators can foster empathetic lifelong learners.
  • Information literacy is essential for students to access and apply digital information safely and wisely.

“While many schools and districts are thinking about one-to-one, we’re thinking about one-to-the-world!”

November Learning founder, Alan November



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