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Mar. 24, 2012

All About Explorers:
If you teach anything about exploration, this site is a must. It’s smart, slick and cleverly done, plus has a host of great activities.

California’s Velcro Crop Under Challenge:
Did you know about the Velcro shortage in California? Use this fun site to help students separate fact from fiction on the Web.

Dihydrogen Monoxide:
Who knew water could be so hazardous. A good site to use with middle school students. Have them click through the forward links on the site. Does the website reference any other authors?

Dog Island Free Forever:
A puppy dog paradise. Great site for all ages.

Feline Reactions to Bearded Men:
A fun site to use when teaching kids how to validate Web resources. Science teachers take note! This site pokes fun at the scientific method.

Martin Luther King:
This seemingly innocent website address calls for the abolition of Martin Luther King Day and promotes White Pride. Content is inappropriate for all ages.

The publishers of this site also host the Martin Luther King site. It may be blocked by an Internet filter.

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus:
Does the Octopus really exist? A great site to use with all ages. Have students click through the links and read Web addresses carefully.

Victorian Robots:
A great site to use with all ages. It has even stumped historians. Have students truncate the Web address so they are just left with the domain name, This will give them some insight into the validity of this site.



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5 Responses to "3 Websites to Validate"

  • Lucas Elias says:

    A lot of different sites contributing to information. Not sure how valid the website is considering the information is being brought in by multiple sources. The site also looks like it is not very professionally made. It almost looks like someone made the site in just a couple of hours without doing any valid or reliable research.

  • Mike Pugh says:

    Thank you for this array of sites. I have to admit that I felt “dirty” after opening a few of them to use with site-checking tools for educational purposes. I was glad I wasn’t using my classroom computer. Well organized

  • Freddie Little says:

    Great sites to choose from.

  • Cerise says:

    Your link for victorian robots no longer works, but I found it here:

  • Molly Kane says:

    I love the idea of using examples of websites that can seem reliable or like they have good information, but if you really dig, it is evident they are not reliable.

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