Who Should Attend the BLC Conference

Something For Everyone

If you have a hand in education — whatever your interest, ability or setting — BLC has something for you. In 2018, BLC drew more than 600 participants, representing countless K-12 and college roles, along with thought leaders from around the world. This year’s event will offer a choice of over 100 pre-conference master classes and main conference sessions, feature world-renowned keynote speakers, and showcase services and solutions.


Who Should Attend

  • K-12 Teachers
  • Principals and School Heads
  • College Students
  • College Educators
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Technology Directors
  • ICT Advisors
  • Superintendents
  • Technology Integrators and Trainers
  • Business and Foundation Leaders
  • School Board Members
  • Tech Prep Coordinators
  • Community Educators
  • Media Specialists


“Alan, once again I am proud to say that our tiny school district (364 children grades k-12) will be sending 23 teachers and administrators to the conference! We also have the honor of being selected again by US News Report as among the best HS in the USA. The impact of attending this important conference and the work you have personally inspired me to advance are integral to the experiences our students and teachers receive. So much so that in our lineup coming to you in Boston is one of our music teachers and guidance counselors for the first time.”

– Patrick Darfler-Sweeney, Superintendent

“You get the BEST keynotes I’ve ever heard. This year you out did yourself…but I probably say that every year.”

– Ann Kaufman, former Assistant-Superintendent, Newton Public Schools

“Six of us met this morning to share our takeaways from BLC. We truly believe that we have many students with the potential of being tomorrow’s leaders sitting right in our classrooms. We owe them the most current, relevant and powerful tools for learning within our grasp.”

– Elise Martin, Dean of Assessment and Professional Development, Middlesex Community College


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