Dr. Rob Evans – Managing Change

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This podcast was produced in partnership with Cisco Education

Dr. Rob Evans is a psychologist and school consultant. He joins Alan to discuss how to manage change and sustain success.

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  1. My question is why do leaders have problems helping their constituents to embrace and celebrate meaningful change? Change is, after all, inevitable so the only question is what kind do you want? Falling behind and dying on the vine or growing, thriving and producing? There are two kinds of change, planned and unplanned, the former being more desirable than the latter in my opinion. At any rate, I agree that so much is about change, both in individuals and in organizations. I’ve worked for years with those who are resistant to change and are mostly invested in the status quo. That’s out of their insecurity and lack of courage and confidence.
    Maybe it’s why they went into teaching in the first place, secure and protected. Ouch! My most recent blog is about transitions. garygruber.com/career-and-life-transitions

  2. What a joy to find such clear thniikng. Thanks for posting!


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