The World has become “Too Big to Know” – An Interview with David Weinberger

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In this podcast episode, Alan November speaks to David Weinberger, Internet philosopher and author of the book, Too Big to Know. The two discuss what knowledge means and what type of learning must take place in a connected world of overabundant information. Alan and David share a series of ideas and stories that will have you thinking more about the structure of assignments in your classroom.

David will be a returning keynote speaker at this year’s Building Learning Communities conference. We invite you to join him and us in Boston this July. For more information, visit

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  1. As a veteran of fifty years in education, I am steeped in the education we used to provide but as unclear as Mr. Weinberger about what education needs to become. In all that confusion about the next steps for preparing educators, though, two burning principles light up the path: (1) If we are to create the future, not just predict it, we can turn to the past to find guidance and (2) Problems cannot be solved, nor guidance gained at the same level that the problems, or lack of direction, exist. If we abide by these concepts, I submit that as a culture, we are not just responsible (perhaps a negative word these days), rather we are become “response-able.” That proactive spirit, then, is the legacy of critical-thinking I choose to leave. Therefore, to my Wiki source guide and to Google, I go.


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