Talk to us! Favorite Twitter User, Common Core Resource or iOS Apps?

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One of our new goals is to highlight a series of favorite things coming from our friends. Some of these favorite things include:
  • Favorite Twitter user or use of Twitter – We want to hear more than just about your best friend or someone who shares great resources. In this category, we are looking for educators and students who are using Twitter to go above and beyond in unique ways. We want to hear about those using Twitter to carry out authentic assignments and to work with global counterparts.
  • Favorite Common Core resource – As schools and districts make the transition to the Common Core, many are scrambling to find useful resources. We ask you to share with us the most beneficial resources you find. Tell us why you think these resources are so fantastic.
  • Favorite iOS app – Have you and/or your students found an iOS app that you just can’t live without? Tell us about it. Share your thoughts, your usage and your review. How does this app transform teaching and learning in your classroom? If it’s a publication app, share some of what your students have produced.
Share your favorite things with us by sending your submissions to [email protected]. Please be sure to share your name, location and Twitter name with us (unless you would rather not). We will be sure to give you credit for your great finds.


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