Flipped Learning: A Response to Five Common Criticisms

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Alan November and Brian Mull have recently written an article titled Flipped Learning: A Response to Five Common Criticisms which now appears on the  eSchool News site. Within the article, they explain how to deepen student learning using the Flipped Learning method, and they also address criticisms this method has received.

You are invited to read this article and share your thoughts and questions here.

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  1. I am using this site and topic as a “Flipped” assignment for my technology and teaching education class at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. I assigned the article and three videos then required them to post a summary and thoughts on a discussion board. The main points so far, as I am still maintaining the discussion until Tuesday before class, is equity of access. Students are thinking beyond the traditional and many have caught on that this assignment is notably flipped! Great article and inspiring content.


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