BLC11 Keynote: Rob Evans

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Today, we are launching our second BLC11 keynote video with Rob Evans, clinical and organizational psychologist and the Executive Director of the Human Relations Service in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

As you watch the keynote, we encourage you to reflect on and respond to the following questions.

  • Rob Evans shared that for transformation to take place, there must be a balance of enough anxiety to stimulate change without having so much that people shut down. What are your ideas on how to acheive this balance?
  • What do you do in your school to manage the overwhelming changes in technology?


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I have been hoping to see it here. I bought Rob’s book on the Seven Secrets of Savvy School Leader and have been sharing his message on change.

    After watching it again, it strikes me how on target he is about understudying the change process. One of my previous campus leaders used to say “The meaning they receive is the message you intended”. Leading change can’t just be about telling folks what we need to be, we need to develop a culture of respect for all teachers and honoring their views and struggles…

    Can’t wait to share it with our leaders that couldn’t attend BLC this year…

  2. How can I forge a connection to further and enrich learning for students using technology in an English class? It seems a contradiction in terms.


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