Managing a Classroom Full of Angry Birds – An Interview with Lachlan Hull

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In this episode, Alan speaks to Lachlan Hull, a first year teacher working with students between the ages of four and six years old at St. Joseph’s Primary School – Kangaroo Point, located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. During this discussion, Lachlan explains how he uses a classroom management tool created by ClassDojo to build a sense of group accountability through personal behaviors amongst his young students. In addition, Lachlan shares a very interesting project his students developed using the popular game, Angry Birds.

Lachlan will be a presenter at the 2012 Building Learning Communities conference being held this July in Boston. To learn more about BLC, visit

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  1. Absolutely cool. I just love innovation in education. I taught for many years interrupted career to have my family and now find myself playing catch up but am quietly stoked as Lachlan,s version of Angry Birds is as relevant as the learning I have found in Tap Zoo and Burp Free Apps cheers!!

    You are only old if you stop learning, fail to be adventurous or lose your sense of humor.


    Leanne from Melbourne Australia


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