Free Wolfram Alpha Back-to-School Webinars for K–12 Educators

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I just had the opportunity to sit in on the first of a few Wolfram Alpha webinars targeted toward educators. The session was focused on how this tool can be used in the classroom. While advanced users probably won’t get too much out of it, it’s a great overview for beginners. One part I was a bit excited to see was the Widget Builder. This tool allows anyone to build widgets that utilize the power of Wolfram Alpha.

If you think Wolfram Alpha is just for math and science, think again. There are many different ways to use this tool in other subject areas as well.

If you are interested in visiting one of the next sessions, simply follow this link. In addition, if you are interested in downloading the Wolfram Alpha app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the tool is being sold at a discount for a limited time. An Android version is coming soon.

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  1. I love WolfRamAlpha!


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