Purdue Launches Hotseat

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Alan November has mentioned the work of Harvard physics professor, Eric Mazur, on several occasions. Mazur pioneered ways to use social media and the backchannel in the lecture hall to improve his teaching and, ultimately, his students’ learning. See his video here.

Purdue University has announced Hotseat, a social networking-powered mobile web application that allows students and teachers to collaborate in near real-time using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, SMS or the Hotseat web app itself. It’s Mazur formalized. It’s not open to the public (yet?), but you can see more on the promising  Hotseat here.

Join Alan in a Seminar Hosted by Scientific Learning

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Scientific Learning is hosting a series of complimentary Web seminars of interest to educators.

Alan will be leading one of these seminars on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

Creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning
A powerful new culture of empowered teaching and fearless learning is emerging. Access to more timely information and communication tools can empower educators to focus on the individual learning needs of their students. These same tools can lead to more collegiality, build stronger community relationships and empower students to be more self-directed. This webinar presents clear examples of how this new culture has been achieved.

Register online today for a live webinar, or watch a webcast of a previously recorded webinars.


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