Talking Student Tutorials with Eric Marcos – Part 1 of 2

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In this episode Alan speaks to Eric Marcos, BLC presenter and middle school teacher in Santa Monica, CA. Eric explains how one individual screencast tutorial made to help a student with homework blossomed into a robust tutorial site called MathTrain. Through this site, students have been empowered to create math tutorials for students in their class and around the world.

You will also learn from Eric and several of his students how this work has positively impacted everyone involved.


  1. I think this is a wonderful idea! The students would be so excited to do this. They would do everything they could to learn the concept so they could make a podcast to teach the rest of their class. Students may also learn from their peers more likely than the teacher. They may also have a special way they found the answer that will help their peers.

  2. Impressive! This concept would help empower students to develop their critical thinking and leadership skills. Younger students love having the opportunity to shine in front of their peers as an “expert” on any subject. Students would be intrinsically motivated to take on the role as “teacher” and speak in their own language to an audience of like-minded learners. Using technology in this manner would establish a visual experience that can be viewed as many times as necessary to help students that may have a difficult time learning a new concept. To the presenting students, it is the highest compliment to learning when you have soaked in the information well enough to pass it on with your unique style of delivery!



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