What’s so great about BLC?

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I posed this question on twitter:

Writing a blog post/summary of #blc10 Help me. What is was/is your greatest learning moment of the conference? I’ll add your tweet. Go…

Here’s what I got:

A small sampling of responses but take some time to see if those ideas resonate with you. On a side note, notice the number of people that learned that weren’t even here. That’s pretty cool.

What amazes and pleases me is the way in which ideas and concepts seem to arise time and time again but in different context and forms. While diversity exists and is welcomed, so many of the sessions and conversations are focused around good teaching and learning. The tools and shifts we are exploring are being used as ammunition to support the practices which makes living and learning in 2010, a great place to be.


  1. I actually attended BLC last year and still return to links and podcasts from those sessions and keynotes, I learned so much and applied that learning throughout the year. It was that burst that moved me to another level.

    This year, unable to attend, I followed on Twitter and when finding a link to a blog post, tool, website, etc- I tagged it on my Delicious as blc10. As of 3pm on Friday, I have 148 sites tagged plus quotes on a google doc from tweets as well. I still have 3 weeks of vacation to go over the links, listen to podcasts, etc. It’s not the same as being there in person, but I’m still benefiting immensely from BLC10. Thanks to individuals and NL for sharing!

  2. Last year (2009) was my first BLC. I left understanding that technology isn’t about isolation, it is about community. BLC10- be a risk taker, create don’t just consume!


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