Metaphor for Learning

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Amazing ideas have surfaced and been fortified here at BLC10. This event has become an intensive summer professional development camp for me.  Many of us will share our percolating thoughts when the dust has settled and we are all comfortably home.  The subtle shifts in my awareness of essential ‘big ideas’ regarding my teaching and collaboration with other educators are profound. I cannot wait to begin planning for my students with my colleagues at home.  For now, since Rahaf Harfoush is about to give her keynote, I want to ask you to weigh in on something I heard in Darren Kuropatwa’s session this morning. He was sharing a story of his own observations of student learning. He posted those observations in real time on Twitter and then found his followers writing to ask for more.  They wanted more reflections, more explanation, and a continued discussion of what had gone on in that classroom.  This pushback caused him to have to write, which then enriched his personal learning as a teacher.  You see, “Separating teaching from learning is like separating a breeze from the wind.”

A beautiful metaphor gently reminding us to stretch every day as learners.

May refreshing and stimulating winds consistently guide your learning!


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