Alan November Interviews Daniel Pink – Part III: Intrinsic Motivation & Persistence

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In the last of our series between Daniel Pink and Alan November, Dan outlines the importance of intrinsic motivation and persistence. Hear Alan conclude the series with his thoughts on the importance of Dan’s book, A Whole New Mind and how essential the elements of story, symphony and empathy are to understanding 21st Century learning skills in our global economy.



  1. I like the way Daniel put it that people should do what they are happy in because you will do something that you like, for an example he said labor do it cause you like it. He lets you know how the business will be in the 21st century on white collar jobs that evevrything will not be the same. Do what you like with persistence and motivation everyday and you will be happy.

  2. I was at a conference yesterday where they were discussing Daniel Pink’s book so this podcast appealed to me. I guess I am okay because I am doing what I like, it makes me happy and I do believe that intrinsic motivation and persistence are the key to success.

  3. hi,
    the key to success is doing something that you really enjoy. because if you like what you do then, you will be motivated to do your job to the best of your knowledge. I agree with alan’s book with being happy and persisting in something that you like. it really means alot. (shirley).

  4. This article gives a great perspective on people becoming successful in their life. Encourage is a great motiavation.


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