Feb. 21, 2013

New Article: Why Schools Must Move Beyond One-to-One Computing

BLCFeatureTopicAs many schools and districts are now rushing to buy every student a digital device, our concern is that most one-to-one implementation strategies are based on the new tool as the focus of the program. Unless we break out of this limited vision that one-to-one computing is about the device, we are doomed to waste our resources.

In this article, Alan explains how a simple shift in language (one-to-world rather than one-to-one) can help jump start discussions that focus more heavily on teaching and learning, rather than on the devices themselves.

One Response to "New Article: Why Schools Must Move Beyond One-to-One Computing"

  • Amy Kawaguchi says:

    Alan’s article is excellent and all school administrators need to read.
    Thank you, Alan for your professional views and comments!

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