Jul. 29, 2009

Location for Hatch Shell Concert at BLC09 has Changed

Do to a possibility of rain this evening, the location of tonight’s concert has changed. The location will be at Jordan Hall.

Go out the main hotel door on St. James Ave. Walk one block and take a right on Berkley St. Cross the street to get to the Arlington T-stop. Take the Heath St. train to the Symphony T-stop (3 stops). Come out of the station and turn right. Walk one block (Burger King will be on your right) and turn left onto Gainsborough St. Jordan Hall is right there. Currently, construction is taking place on the Hall, so look for the building covered in black mesh.

The train costs $2.00 for a one way trip.

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  • Lyle Grant says:

    Mr. November-
    Thanks for sharing this. My staff loves your blog and all of the tips it has to offer. I just htought I would share with you another site that we use…I think it is new but very good.

    Have a great year!

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