Something For Everyone

If you have a hand in education — whatever your interest, ability or setting — BLC has something for you. In 2015, BLC drew more than 800 participants, representing countless K-12 and college roles, along with thought leaders from around the world. This year’s event will offer a choice of over 100 pre-conference master classes and main conference sessions, feature world-renowned keynote speakers, and showcase services and solutions.

#BLC Tweets

On my way home me wishing I could bring every presenter to my school… #blc13

I have been drinking the KoolAid for years…wish I could force this into my district water supply. #blc13 #1st5days

My brain is overloaded with amazing ideas. It’s going to explode! #blc13

Thanks for the best, really productive headache ever! @NLearning #blc13

TY to the entire @NLearning crew & @globalearner for the opportunity to both grow & share this year at #BLC13. Excited, enthused, & inspired

#blc13 as you drive, fly or walk home remember to keep the excitement and passion to change tching/lrning alive and share it with your tribe

Thank you to @globalearner & everyone at #BLC13 for a phenomenal, inspiring conference & global experience

Love This!!! “@cmccoy605: My brain has hit its limit thanks to ideas+ inspirations #blc12 (my excuse for leaving room w wrong shoes on..).”

RT @NLearning: We’re excited to have @TEDchris (curator of TED Conf) as a keynoter at #BLC12! Look forward to hearing from this powerful speaker! #edchat

RT @ProfessorMike1 @globalearner #BLC12 Excited to see Alan’s new book! Honored to have our students work included!!

Ball My brain is full like a warm can of coke. Please don’t shake me #BLC11

Thanks to all @nlearning and presenters for great #BLC11 conference and most stimulating thoughts I have had in 15 yrs.

Just met @langwitches & @JoAnnJacobs68from my PLN! Also learned who @balancedtech is! Thanks for a great conference here in Boston! #blc12

An ALAS Media THANK YOU to Alan November & the #nlearning team for allowing us to be part of this amazing community #blc12 #nlearning

Another fantastic Building Learning Communities conference comes to an end. Have learned so much this week – where do I start? #blc12

Thank you to all of the #blc12 presenters. I will be taking some of your ideas and inspiration back to my school.

Thanks to NL, the presenters, and all the support staff for an interesting and challenging #blc12 conference.

Closing notes from #blc12 – what a fantastic conference! We ALL do matter! #youmatter

Closing keynote with @globalearner at #BLC12. Excellent ending to a great conference!

Headed home from #blc12 really enjoyed the connections & learning this year! Txs everyone (I miss you too @lizbdavis )

Really enjoyed the #BLC12 conference this week! #elearning

RT @cmccrink567: Such insightful, inspiring, collaborative teaching and learning. Proud to be a part of it #blc12

Sad this amazing conference is ending. Such insightful, inspiring, collaborative teaching and learning. Proud to be a part of it #blc12

Had a great day working on Design thinking and assessment workshops all day here at #blc12 hope you did if you joined us : )

@thorprichard @xolotl @IQRowe In Boston now attending #blc12. Great energy building up and a lot of focus on 1:1 Ipad implementation

Some great people in our “hands on” session this afternoon. #BLC12 I’m learning a lot.

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Who Should Attend

  • K-12 Teachers
  • Principals and School Heads
  • College Students
  • College Educators
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Technology Directors
  • ICT Advisors
  • Superintendents
  • Technology Integrators and Trainers
  • Business and Foundation Leaders
  • School Board Members
  • Tech Prep Coordinators
  • Community Educators
  • Media Specialists


“Alan, once again I am proud to say that our tiny school district (364 children grades k-12) will be sending 23 teachers and administrators to the conference! We also have the honor of being selected again by US News Report as among the best HS in the USA. The impact of attending this important conference and the work you have personally inspired me to advance are integral to the experiences our students and teachers receive. So much so that in our lineup coming to you in Boston is one of our music teachers and guidance counselors for the first time.”

– Patrick Darfler-Sweeney, Superintendent

“You get the BEST keynotes I’ve ever heard. This year you out did yourself…but I probably say that every year.”

– Ann Kaufman, former Assistant-Superintendent, Newton Public Schools

“Six of us met this morning to share our takeaways from BLC. We truly believe that we have many students with the potential of being tomorrow’s leaders sitting right in our classrooms. We owe them the most current, relevant and powerful tools for learning within our grasp.”

– Elise Martin, Dean of Assessment and Professional Development, Middlesex Community College

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